29 May 2023

Review: PAST M.D. - Desert Moon Hotel

PAST M.D. (Germany) - “Desert Moon Hotel” Full-length 2022
Frankly speaking, I never knew anything about this band until one day I received a press-kit from Imperative Music Agency (thanks to Gilson). Germany’s Past M.D. are a bunch of experienced musicians who have been in the Hard Rock scene there for a long time. Jörg Reuter (vocals, guitars, harp) and Detlef Poschmann (guitars, vocals) started with Midnight Darkness formed in 1980, recorded the only album “Holding The Night” released in September 1985. These two most crucial members returned in 2004 under a rebranded name - Past M.D. (so now you know what the MD stands for). Based in Oberhausen - North Rhine-Westphalia, the band released two early albums; “Part Time Rebellion” (2008) and “Circles” (2010). After several years passed and several phases of line-up changes, Jörg and Detlef teamed up with Hansi Heringer (drums), Jürgen Becker (guitars, piano) and Andreas Keuntje (bass) to record their third full-length “Desert Moon Hotel” officially released on October 1st, 2022. The new album comprises 12 songs (with a total duration of 58:55 minutes) of truthfully classic Hard Rock, fulfilled with the 80s aura and charisma, and the sound quality is really pleasant to the ears. Apart from the hard rock nuances that are the backbone of their music, Past M.D. also incorporate elements of ballads, blues rock and rock & roll at the right balance to make their works varied and more importantly, amazing! Remember one thing: Old people are still poisonous!!!